Woman Uncovers Mysterious Stain in New Home, Sparks Viral Debate

Buying a home can be stressful even if everything goes smoothly. For Audrey, who feared she had uncovered a murder scene in her new home, it was anything but smooth.

Audrey, who lives in the Midwest, recently moved to a different state and purchased a new home. Shortly after moving in, she discovered a leak in one of the rooms. Speaking to Newsweek, she said her husband “started to rip the floor out and that’s when we discovered what was underneath.”

In a viral video shared on her TikTok account @chickennuggetlife8806, Audrey expressed her fear that someone may have been “murdered” in their home. The video showed a large, dark red stain in the corner of the room, with bare footprints tracking away from the stain. Audrey admitted she was “freaking out right now” and pleaded for someone to tell her she was “overreacting.”

She hoped the stain was painted, but as the liquid had seeped through tiles and stained underneath, she wasn’t confident. She said to Newsweek, “It took me quite a while to process what I was seeing. I don’t want to believe a crime happened, but given some conditions of the home, it totally could be possible.”

Audrey contacted the police, who “appear to be taking it seriously.” A detective came to her house to check the scene and run some tests, and Audrey later received confirmation that “it’s not human blood.” The detective suggested it might be painting but was “not sure,” and the police asked her not to disturb anything in the room in case they needed more photographs.

The local police confirmed to Newsweek: “We sent a detective out to the scene to investigate further. He determined the stains not to be blood. It appears as though the stains were a paint-like substance.”

Audrey’s video has skyrocketed on TikTok, racking up over 13 million views since being shared on July 1, along with 1.7 million likes and tens of thousands of comments. Many comments urged Audrey to call the police, while others debated whether the stain could have been caused by paint or an animal bleeding out in the room. report from MSN.

Others asked if the real estate agent had disclosed whether anyone had died in the house, which is required by law in some states. Audrey confirmed in a comment that she had not asked if anyone had died in the house, believing she had no reason to.

While Audrey’s discovery appears, thankfully, not to be a murder scene, thousands of homicides take place in the United States each year. A 2023 report from Statista illustrates that California reported the most homicides to the FBI in 2022, with 2,197 for the year, followed by Texas with 2,020. Wyoming was at the bottom end of the scale, with just 14 homicides reported to the FBI.

Audrey told Newsweek: “The reactions online have been a bit overwhelming. When you post a video, there is always the chance of it going viral, but as cliché as it may sound, I did not expect this one to go this viral.”

“So it has been a bit overwhelming because it is impossible to keep up with the comments when I’m getting multiple comments every minute,” she admitted.