Last Words of a Woman Who Died on Qantas Flight Revealed

The devastating last words of Manpreet Kaur, a 24-year-old woman who died on a Qantas flight just before takeoff, Metro have been revealed.

Manpreet’s family shared that her health had rapidly deteriorated in recent months as she unknowingly suffered from tuberculosis. She had been securing her seatbelt on a flight from Australia to India, where she was to reunite with her family after four years when she experienced a medical episode.

Her cousin and roommate, Kuldeep Kaur, mentioned that Manpreet had been struggling with severe fatigue and difficulty talking in the week leading up to her death. Kuldeep reported to Mail Online that Manpreet was heading back to Dharampura, India, to be with family and friends who could support her recovery. as reported by Mirror.

Manpreet’s final words to her cousin were, “I will come back.” A post-mortem confirmed her tuberculosis diagnosis, preventing the transportation of her body out of Australia. Her family in India is now applying for visas to attend her funeral in Australia.

Manpreet had been working at Australia Post and studying to become a chef before her death. Her friend, Gurdip Grewal, expressed the family’s devastation and disbelief to Daily Mail Australia, saying, “It has been a very tough time for everyone.”

In just a week, Gurdip has raised over $41,000 on GoFundMe to support Manpreet’s family. The page reads, “Our dear friend Manpreet left us too soon, leaving a void in our lives that can never be filled. As we grieve her passing, we want to come together to honor her memory and support her family in their time of need.” report from MSN.

Kuldeep recalled the shock of receiving the news from the police. She had driven Manpreet to the airport, where her cousin promised, “I will come back.”

A spokesperson for Qantas stated that their flight crew and emergency services had attempted to resuscitate Manpreet. She reportedly “fell in front of her seat and died on the spot” after struggling to put on her seatbelt before takeoff.

Qantas has since been made aware of her tuberculosis diagnosis and has contacted the National Incident Centre Operations. The Department of Health in Victoria, Australia, has initiated limited contact tracing and notified anyone identified as a potential risk.