Poll Shows Majority of Biden Supporters Back Him Primarily to Oppose Trump

A recent CBS News/YouGov poll reveals that more than half of President Biden’s supporters in the 2024 election are backing him primarily to oppose former President Trump. The poll, released on Sunday, found that 54 percent of likely Biden voters are motivated by opposition to Trump, a 7-point increase since March.

The second most common reason for supporting Biden is personal affinity, with 27 percent citing this, a 4-point decrease from March. Additionally, 19 percent of respondents support Biden because he is the presumptive Democratic nominee.

The poll highlights that voter motivations, whether seen as a referendum or a choice, significantly influence their decisions. Among those viewing the election as a judgment on Trump, Biden leads 66 percent to 34 percent. Conversely, those who see it as a judgment on Biden favor Trump by the same margin. In a direct comparison between the two candidates, Trump holds a slight edge with 53 percent to Biden’s 47 percent. reported by The Hill

Nationally and in battleground states, the poll shows Biden and Trump virtually tied. Nationally, Trump has 50 percent support among likely voters, while Biden has 49 percent. In battleground states, Biden leads with 50 percent to Trump’s 49 percent.

Both Biden and Trump have enough delegates to be considered their parties’ presumptive nominees, with official nominations to occur at their respective conventions this summer. told by Yahoo News

The poll surveyed 2,063 U.S. adult residents from June 5 to 7, with an oversample in key battleground states. The margin of error is 3.2 percentage points among all adults and 3.8 points among registered voters.