Trump Rallies Voters in Scorching Las Vegas Heat, Jokes About Safety and Teleprompter Issues

Former President Donald Trump addressed voters in Las Vegas under sweltering conditions, expressing frustration with malfunctioning teleprompters and urging supporters to seek help if needed. Despite temperatures exceeding 100°F (37.8°C), the rally proceeded with extra medical personnel, fans, water bottles, and umbrellas provided to attendees. As reported by AP News

Trump, the leading GOP candidate, emphasized the importance of voter turnout, jokingly stating, “I don’t care about you. I just want your vote.” He highlighted concerns about crowd safety and joked about sweating on stage. told by ABC News, This rally marked Trump’s second visit to Nevada, a key battleground state, following his conviction in a hush-money scandal, which has energized his base and boosted fundraising.

During his speech, Trump criticized the teleprompters, claiming they often malfunction and promising not to pay the vendor responsible. The rally featured ample cooling measures, including misting fans and water stations, to combat the intense heat.

Nevada GOP Chair Michael McDonald dismissed concerns about the heat, symbolizing the determination of Trump supporters. McDonald and others face trial for falsely declaring Trump the winner of Nevada’s 2020 election. According to MSN

Trump reiterated claims that the Jan. 6 Capitol rioters were victims of a setup, a theory widely debunked by officials and courts. Despite legal challenges, Trump’s campaign continues to mobilize supporters, emphasizing his appeal to working-class voters and Latinos, and promising tax relief on tips for Nevada’s service-sector workers.

The rally concluded a series of events in the Western U.S., with Trump aiming to build momentum in Nevada, a state he narrowly lost in previous elections.