Bull Jumps Fence, Injures Four at Oregon Rodeo

Four spectators were injured at the Sisters Rodeo in Oregon on Saturday evening after a bull jumped over a fence during the final event, striking people in the crowd. The incident occurred just before 10 p.m. on June 8 and was captured on video by a bystander. According to FOX News

Danielle Smithers, who witnessed and recorded the event, described the moment to KOIN 6: “I capture him completely going over the gate and disappearing. Then there’s this huge pause… It seems like people go right back to waving their lights, almost like they’re not really sure what to do.”

The bull ran out through the rodeo grounds and returned to the livestock holding pens. Brian Witt, vice president of Sisters Rodeo, told Fox News Digital that this was an unprecedented event in the rodeo’s history. The contractors who handle the bull noted it was a rare occurrence, usually only seen in their own pens, not at a rodeo.

The rodeo’s emergency response plan was immediately activated, and rodeo livestock professionals quickly contained the bull, securing it in a holding pen. Witt emphasized that the bull was not aggressive but spooked and trying to return to its herd.

Four people sustained minor injuries from the incident. Two were taken to a local hospital for further treatment and have since been released. Witt praised the swift actions of first responders and cowboys in managing the situation. Yahoo News says

Sisters Rodeo issued a statement prioritizing fan safety and expressing well-wishes to those affected. Despite the incident, Smithers said she would “definitely go back” to the Sisters Rodeo, acknowledging the inherent risks of such events.