DNC Targets Trump with Billboard Blitz Ahead of Philadelphia Rally

When former President Donald Trump shows up at Temple University for a rally on Saturday, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) will ensure he receives a clear message. The DNC has launched a visual campaign featuring a billboard, a mobile billboard, and kiosks around the campus, all aimed at highlighting Trump’s record with Black Americans. as reported by CBS News.

The mobile billboard boldly states, “Donald Trump is coming to North Philly, but he can’t fool us. He’s a disaster for Black Americans.” Meanwhile, kiosks across the campus emphasize President Biden’s student loan forgiveness efforts and his support for young voters and the Black community. Additionally, a billboard along I-95 proclaims, “If Trump wins, Black families lose.”

This effort comes just after Juneteenth, the holiday commemorating the end of slavery, and follows reports that Trump recently referred to Milwaukee, the upcoming Republican National Convention site, as a “horrible city” in a meeting with House Republicans. Vice President Kamala Harris addressed Trump’s comments in an interview, pointing out a pattern in his criticisms of cities with large Black populations, such as Milwaukee, Oakland, Baltimore, Atlanta, and Philadelphia, according to NBC News.

In response, Janiyah Thomas, Team Trump’s Black media director, claimed that Trump’s comments were critiques of Democratic policies in these cities. She argued that many voters in these areas feel abandoned by Biden and the Democrats and are seeking change. Thomas added that the Trump campaign is actively reaching out to minority voters while accusing Biden’s campaign of misleading Black voters.

Black voters played a crucial role in Biden’s 2020 victory and his pursuit of the Democratic nomination. However, recent polls indicate some waning support within the Black community. A CBS News poll shows that 57% of Black voters believe their situation would improve with Biden’s re-election, while 69% believe it would worsen under another Trump presidency. Nonetheless, 81% of Black voters still prefer Biden over Trump. told by AOL

To strengthen his appeal to the Black community, Trump held a roundtable with community leaders in Detroit, where he labeled Biden the “worst president for Black people.”

DNC spokesperson Abhi Rahman responded by reiterating that Trump has been “a disaster for minority communities — particularly Black Americans,” highlighting job losses, increased unemployment during the pandemic, and policies that widened the racial wealth gap during Trump’s presidency.