Fox News Poll Shows Biden Narrowly Leading Trump Among Rural Voters

A recent Fox News poll reveals that President Joe Biden holds a slight lead over former President Donald Trump among rural voters, with Biden securing 50% compared to Trump’s 48%. This outcome has sparked controversy, with Trump and his supporters dismissing the poll’s legitimacy.

Conservative commentator Charlie Kirk expressed his skepticism on X (formerly Twitter), stating, “Okay, I’ve been studying this new FOX NEWS poll, and I have concluded it’s a complete outlier. They have Joe Biden winning rural voters 50-48% over Trump. There is no way that’s possible. Zero.”

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene echoed this sentiment, declaring, “This Fox News poll is WRONG! My district is in rural northwest Georgia, and it is SOLIDLY supporting Trump! Same with most of rural America! Smart people!”

Trump himself lambasted the poll on Truth Social, branding it “trash” and accusing Fox News of using a “biased, Democrat-leaning sample of voters.”

Despite these reactions, Fox News referenced its 2020 data, noting that Trump typically performs well with rural voters, having a +17 point lead. Commentators have pointed out that shifts in poll results are not unprecedented, recalling similar fluctuations in 2016. told by Reuters.

Fox News has yet to respond to inquiries from Newsweek regarding the criticisms of the poll.

The survey, which involved 1,095 registered voters, marks the first time since October that Biden has led Trump, attributing the change to improving perceptions of the economy. A record 31% of respondents approve of Biden’s handling of inflation, and 41% approve of his overall economic performance.

Additional factors potentially influencing the poll results include Trump’s recent hush money trial conviction, with sentencing scheduled for July 11.

Trump remains defiant, stating, “I am leading BIG in virtually every other poll, including in all of the key battleground states, like Wisconsin, where I just held a massive rally, and Pennsylvania, where I will be on Saturday, according to AP News.

He continued, “The #1 issue in this Country is not protecting democracy. It is INFLATION and IMMIGRATION! If it is protecting democracy, Trump is your best choice, because Crooked Joe Biden is the greatest threat to democracy in history with his Open Border and weaponization of our justice system against his political opponent, ME! Fox News polls have never treated me, or MAGA, fairly! Don’t worry, we will WIN!!!”

Currently, Trump leads in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania according to Emerson College polls, reaffirming his strong standing in key battleground states.