Extreme Heat Linked to Mental Health Struggles, Experts Warn

Everyone has experienced days when the sun blazes down, leaving you sweaty, irritable, and unable to think clearly. Health experts confirm that extreme heat is a major contributor to these feelings, as it can exacerbate irritability, depression, anxiety, and aggression, according to Yahoo News.

The D.C. Department of Behavioral Health recently issued a warning that high temperatures can worsen mental health symptoms. Additionally, certain medications can affect the body’s ability to regulate temperature, compounding the problem.

To mitigate the effects of extreme heat, experts recommend several strategies: avoid direct sunlight when possible, stay well-hydrated, wear loose-fitting clothing, and make use of cooling centers and pools.

According to the National Institutes of Health, prolonged exposure to high temperatures can have a significant impact on mental health. It’s important for individuals to adopt coping strategies such as breathing exercises, meditation, therapy, or counseling. told by USLA Health.

Certain medications can increase sensitivity to heat, leading to symptoms like reduced thirst, excessive sweating, mental fatigue, and issues with central thermoregulation. Other possible effects include volume depletion, hypertension, and reduced cardiac output.

Experts emphasize the importance of staying hydrated and minimizing exposure to extreme heat to maintain both physical and mental well-being.