Poll Reveals Trust Gap Trump Edges Out Biden on Economic Issues

A recent report from AFR this FT-Michigan Ross poll conducted from May 30 to June 3, following former President Trump’s criminal conviction over “hush money” payments to Stormy Daniels, shows that 41 percent of registered voters nationwide trust Trump, compared to 37 percent for President Biden. Seventeen percent expressed trust in neither candidate.

Despite a seven-point improvement in Biden’s numbers since February, the poll reflects ongoing challenges for the Democratic candidate, particularly concerning his economic management—a top voter issue as the November election approaches.

The survey results emerge amidst strong economic indicators, with high consumer spending, low unemployment, and record-high stock markets. However, concerns about housing and food costs persist, with about 80 percent of respondents listing inflation as a major financial stressor. The Federal Reserve is expected to maintain high borrowing costs in its effort to control inflation. reported by AP News

With five months until election day, Biden has intensified his criticism of Trump, recently using a D-Day speech to urge Americans to defend democratic rights. The two candidates are scheduled for a televised debate later this month in Atlanta, Georgia.

Erik Gordon from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan highlighted the importance of economic issues for voters, suggesting the Trump campaign should be concerned about its diminishing lead in economic trust.

The poll also reveals demographic divides: older voters tend to favor Biden, while younger adults lean towards Trump on economic issues. Specifically, Trump holds a 10-point lead among voters aged 18 to 54, whereas Biden leads by one point among those over 55. Additionally, Biden has a seven-point advantage among older voters on lowering healthcare costs. told by the Financial Times

Despite Biden’s administration efforts, such as capping insulin prices for Medicare beneficiaries, his overall economic approval remains low. Only one in five voters feel financially better off since Biden took office, while just over half report being worse off.