Trump Praises Hannibal Lecter, Denounces Immigrants in New Jersey Rally

During a recent rally in New Jersey, former US President Donald Trump took an unusual turn by praising the fictional character Hannibal Lecter, famously portrayed by Anthony Hopkins in “Silence of The Lambs.”

Trump described the cannibalistic character as a “wonderful man” and asked the crowd if they had seen the renowned horror film. According to NBC

The 77-year-old then shifted gears to discuss immigration, condemning the entry of individuals he deemed undesirable into the country. He suggested a link between immigrants and violence or mental illness, a claim lacking evidence.

The New York Times reported, This isn’t the first instance of Trump invoking Lecter to emphasize his immigration stance. Earlier, he likened immigrants to characters from the movie, associating them with jails, prisons, and mental institutions.

At the rally, attended by over 80,000 supporters, Trump also drew attention to his ongoing legal issues, comparing himself to the notorious gangster Al Capone. However, his claim of being indicted more times than Capone was refuted, as Capone faced multiple indictments himself.

Additionally, Trump didn’t miss the opportunity to criticize his political opponent, President Joe Biden, whom he referred to as a “total moron” during his campaign speech.

Trump’s penchant for unconventional references and bold statements continues to characterize his political rhetoric as he gears up for the 2024 presidential elections. told by CNN.


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