Greg Gutfeld Faces Backlash for Mocking Joe Biden’s D-Day Event Exit with First Lady’s Assistance

Fox News host, Greg Gutfeld has ignited a fiery debate with his recent commentary on President Joe Biden’s mental acuity, citing various incidents as evidence of the President’s purported mental decline.

Gutfeld’s analysis, delivered on his show ‘Gutfeld!’, sheds light on concerns surrounding Biden’s fitness to serve another term at the White House, particularly in light of his appearance at the D-Day celebrations and the incident where Jill Biden is seen leading him away.

Greg Gutfeld’s observation on Joe Biden’s behavior during the D-Day celebration

Gutfeld’s monologue kicks off with a stark observation about Biden’s condition, as evidenced by his behavior during the D-Day commemoration in France.

Gutfeld highlights the moment when Jill Biden swiftly escorts the President off the stage after his speech, leaving viewers puzzled and raising questions about Biden’s well-being. Gutfeld’s commentary sets the stage for a deeper exploration of Biden’s cognitive state.

“I expect your applause. Happy Thursday everyone. So while commemorating D-Day in France, Jill Biden quickly escorted the president off the stage after his speech.”

Gutfeld doesn’t stop there. He draws attention to a Wall Street Journal article, which delves into Biden’s mental acuity. Gutfeld pulls no punches, describing Biden’s struggles as not just physical clumsiness but indicative of deeper cognitive challenges.

He said, “According to a bombshell story in the Wall Street Journal, Joe Biden shows, quote, “signs of slipping” behind closed doors. Yeah, he’s slipping all over the place, on stairs, off stages in the polls.”

“But the Journal adds Biden isn’t doing any better behind the scenes as well. To say he’s showing signs of wear and tear is putting it mildly. That’s like saying the Sphinx is looking a little weathered.” told Yahoo News

Greg Gutfeld highlights bipartisan concerns about Joe Biden’s mental acuity

The monologue continues with a damning indictment of Biden’s alleged inability to perform his duties effectively.

“He has trouble in meetings, relying on note cards and speaking so softly that no one can hear him. Sometimes he even closes his eyes for so long people wonder if he’s sleeping.”

“He can’t remember details of his own policies, perhaps because the only policy that matters is his life insurance,” Gutfeld added.

He cited bipartisan criticism of Biden’s performance, citing sources from both sides of the political spectrum who have expressed concerns over Biden’s fitness for office.

Gutfeld said it was the responsibility of those in power to be transparent about Biden’s condition, suggesting that downplaying concerns amounts to deception.

“They don’t have the old man’s best interests at heart. They just cling to his power the way he’s clinging to life.”

He also questioned why the article has been put up now. He suggested that the Wall Street Journal article serves as a “permission slip” for those hesitant to voice their reservations about Biden openly.

“The Journal spoke to 45 people who were in the room with Joe, all begging for someone to crack a window. And that includes both Republicans and Democrats. Yes Democrats, even they can’t keep pretending anymore.”

“This article is a permission slip you can pull out when anybody says, quote, “but Trump’s a convicted felon.” You simply say, so? Dems and Republicans agree Biden is the bigger risk. He’s not competent to be president. He’s the reason for the 25th amendment. Didn’t you read the journal piece? Case closed.”