Biden Awaits Verdict in Son Hunter’s Gun Trial Amid Trump’s Legal Battles

Less than two weeks after Donald Trump was convicted on 34 criminal counts in a hush-money case, President Joe Biden is facing his own tense wait as his son Hunter’s gun trial concludes, according to CNN.

Jurors are set to reconvene Tuesday morning to deliberate on charges against Hunter Biden, who has pleaded not guilty to three counts related to illegally buying a firearm in 2018 while allegedly addicted to crack cocaine. The defense contends there is no direct evidence proving he was using the drug when he purchased the gun.

These high-profile cases mark an unprecedented departure from traditional presidential campaigns. Trump, a former president and presumptive major party nominee, has been convicted of a crime, while the child of a sitting president is facing the possibility of conviction. As reported by AOL, Trump, who has pleaded not guilty in three other criminal indictments, has vociferously criticized the legal proceedings against him, claiming they are politically motivated.

In contrast, Hunter Biden’s trial has unfolded with a more restrained response. Joe Biden has pledged not to interfere in his son’s federal trial and stated he will not pardon Hunter, who faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted, though a severe sentence is unlikely for a first-time offender.

The trials have been conducted with significant media attention. While Trump’s adult sons have attended his trial, Biden has stayed away from his son’s proceedings in Wilmington, Delaware. First Lady Jill Biden has shown her support by attending Hunter’s trial, balancing her official duties with her desire to be present for her son.

During closing arguments, prosecutor Leo Wise emphasized that the presence of the Biden family in the courtroom should not influence the jury’s decision. He reminded jurors that their verdict should be based solely on the evidence presented. told by Yahoo News.

Joe Biden’s statement at the start of the trial—”I am the President, but I am also a Dad”—captures the tension of his dual roles as the nation’s leader and a concerned parent. The trial of Hunter Biden adds to the burdens faced by the Biden family, which has endured significant personal tragedies, including the loss of Joe Biden’s first wife and daughter, and later, his elder son Beau to brain cancer.

The Hunter Biden trial coincides with an intense reelection campaign for Joe Biden, who is also navigating the challenges of being the oldest president in history. As he prepares for the G7 summit and a critical debate with Trump, Biden faces a test of his mental and emotional resilience.

While presidents have historically dealt with family-related distractions, no president has faced the prospect of a son potentially going to jail. The trial has revealed discomforting details about Hunter Biden’s past addiction and its impact on his family.

Despite the political implications, both the Trump and Hunter Biden trials have adhered to legal standards, reinforcing the principle that “no one is above the law.” However, the nature of the charges against Trump and Hunter Biden differs significantly. reported by BBC.

Hunter Biden’s alleged offenses do not threaten the Constitution or democracy, whereas Trump’s charges involve the mishandling of national security documents and efforts to overturn election results. This fundamental difference underscores the varied political and legal stakes involved in each case.