Woman Earns £5,000 a Month Pretending to Have Broken Legs

A woman has revealed that she makes an astonishing £5,000 a month by pretending to have broken legs—and she has no plans to stop anytime soon. Reported by Yahoo News UK

For most, a broken bone is a nightmare: painful, inconvenient, and disruptive to daily life and work. For Chloe Welsh from Wrexham, this scenario became reality seven years ago when she broke both legs falling out of a taxi.

The injuries left Chloe unable to walk, forcing her to sell her house after losing a new job. Determined not to let the injury derail her life, the 36-year-old found a creative solution to her financial troubles a few years later.

During the 2020 lockdown, Chloe joined OnlyFans and soon received a “bizarre” request to create content with her leg in a cast. Remembering her past ordeal, Chloe decided to capitalize on her former injury.

According to DailyMail, “I thought, well, I’d been in a cast before, so why not?” she said. “It’s bizarre, but I think it’s the whole damsel in distress fetish.”

Chloe now spends hours making plaster casts to fulfill subscriber requests, something she doesn’t mind because “it’s such good money.” She even uses crutches to complete the look.

In addition to pretending to have broken legs, Chloe has received requests to fake a broken neck and to have all her limbs in casts while wearing a fake pregnancy belly and sitting in a wheelchair. “Nothing fazes me with this industry,” she said.

Creating niche content has proven highly lucrative for Chloe, bringing in around £5,000 a month just from the cast content alone. “I get £5,000 per month just from doing cast stuff because it’s so niche,” she added.

The cast content is only a part of her earnings, with the model making a whopping £40,000 a month in total. Chloe plans to continue creating niche adult content for several years, thanks to the substantial income.

“I’ve always been asked to do weird stuff,” she said. “I’ve been chained to a chair and tickled—I’m pretty open-minded. I could never earn this kind of money from a normal job, and I think I could carry on doing it forever.”

Chloe even has a plan for when she gets older. “People seem to be into the whole MILF thing, so in a way, it’s easier to make money as you get older now,” she said.