“We Have to Win” Harris’ Husband on Why Biden Must Defeat Trump in November

Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff, husband of Vice President Kamala Harris, emphasized the critical importance of the upcoming election, stating that the stakes extend beyond national politics to global stability.

Emhoff made these remarks during an interview with CBS News national correspondent Rita Braver for CBS Sunday Morning, on June 23, 2024.

Emhoff, the first male spouse of a U.S. vice president, discussed various aspects of his life, including his role as Second Gentleman, his relationship with Harris, and their shared political journey.

Reflecting on their life in California, Emhoff expressed a deep conviction about the necessity of a Democratic victory in the November election.

When asked by Braver if he ever considers the possibility of returning to their previous life in California if they lose the election, Emhoff responded with resolute determination.

Do you ever think, well, you know, if things don’t work out, we could always move back here and be just fine?” Braver asked.

Emhoff replied, “We’re going to win this election. We have to win this election. Literally. Our country and our world depend on us winning this election.”

Throughout the interview, Emhoff highlighted the pressing issues facing the nation and the world, underscoring the Biden administration’s commitment to addressing these challenges.

He pointed to the administration’s efforts on climate change, international diplomacy, and domestic policies aimed at economic recovery and social justice as pivotal reasons for their needed victory.

The interview also shed light on Emhoff’s unique perspective as the first Second Gentleman, a role that has allowed him to advocate for gender equality and support Harris in her historic position.

Emhoff shared personal anecdotes about the couple’s life, their professional collaboration, and the challenges they face in balancing public duties with personal life.

Emhoff’s comments resonate with the broader Democratic campaign narrative, which frames the election as a crucial juncture for the future of American democracy and global leadership.

His passionate plea for support underscores the administration’s view that a victory in November is essential not only for continuing their policy agenda but also for ensuring stability and progress on a global scale.

As the election approaches, Emhoff’s statements are likely to energize the Democratic base, reinforcing the urgency of voter turnout and participation.

His role as a supportive partner to Vice President Harris and an advocate for the administration’s policies highlights the collaborative spirit and high stakes of the current political landscape.