Trump Feigned Ignorance on Project 2025, Claims Former White House Official

Trump Feigned Ignorance on Project 2025, Claims Former White House Official

Donald Trump is not to be believed when he says he knows nothing about Project 2025, according to a former official in his White House.

Former Mike Pence Homeland Security staffer Olivia Troye, a child of a Mexican immigrant mother who recently took to social media to call out her former boss for demeaning her own background, appeared on Time Magazine on Sunday to discuss the controversial Project 2025. Trump has recently tried to distance himself from the 900-page plan to reshape the federal government, but it is run by his own former White House officials.

In her MSN interview, Troye was asked what she thinks about Trump trying to claim ignorance on this issue. The host asked her, “Do you believe him?”

“No. I mean, look, this is preposterous if you look at the collaborators and the authors of this plan. A lot of these people came from directly people that served in Trump’s cabinet during his administration,” Troye replied. “There are people that I worked with. I sat in those policy meetings with them.”

She then named some senior officials, saying, “A lot of people were senior administration officials whether it be John McEntee, who was in charge of staffing for presidential personnel, or whether it be Stephen Miller, who’s behind the scenes pulling the strings on this as well. But you’ve got Ben Carson listed in here. You have the former deputy secretary of DHS, the acting secretary, Ken Cuccinelli in here writing about immigration and DHS.” as reported by Raw Story.

She added that Carson has “been out there on the campaign trail with the president.”

When asked if the plan represents “a winning strategy for conservatives,” Troye noted that she is “a lifelong Republican,” but that she believes the plan “is complete overreach by the federal government on our individual liberties.”

“And I just want to be clear, to women and men who support women and our individual right to health care, I know that we all have differing views on it. I certainly lean conservative on it, but there’s language in here that says liberal states have become sanctuaries for abortion tourism.”


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