Terrifying Tornado Engulfs Two Trucks in Iowa, Caught on Camera

An Iowa Department of Transportation camera captured terrifying footage on Tuesday as a tornado engulfed two truck drivers near Nevada, Iowa. According to Fox Weather

The first tractor-trailer had pulled over, seemingly aware of the tornado approaching the highway. As the traffic cam began to shake from the intense winds and the image blurred with rain, a tanker truck sped past the stationary tractor-trailer.

Ahead, the tornado’s opaque gray mass loomed. The tanker driver hit the brakes, but the swirling clouds quickly enveloped the tanker, and its red taillights disappeared from view.

The first semi held its ground momentarily before being overturned and swallowed by the tornado as well. told by Yahoo

Once the tornado passed, other drivers reported seeing emergency crews on the scene. The Iowa State Patrol confirmed that neither driver sustained injuries.

The tanker, although surviving the storm upright, was blown into some trees along the roadside.

This tornado was part of a larger outbreak that devastated Iowa on Tuesday, resulting in several deaths and the destruction of the town of Greenfield.