Gov. DeWine Signs Bill Ensuring Biden’s Spot on Ohio Ballot and Banning Foreign Contributions

Governor Mike DeWine signed two significant bills on Sunday: one ensuring President Joe Biden’s appearance on Ohio’s ballot for the November general election, and another banning foreign nationals from contributing to state ballot campaigns, according to

This legislative action comes after DeWine ordered a special session of the state Legislature to address the issue of Ohio’s ballot deadline falling before the Democratic National Convention on August 19. House Bill 2, which was signed into law, moves the certification deadline for candidates from August 7 to September 1.

As reported by NBC News, The measure passed the House with a 63-31 vote and the Senate with a 30-1 vote. Notably, 31 Republicans in the House opposed the bill. This adjustment applies exclusively to this year’s election.

Despite DeWine’s signature, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) had already taken steps to mitigate the deadline issue. Last week, the DNC announced it would hold a virtual roll call vote to nominate Biden, ensuring his place on the ballot regardless of the state legislation.

This process will be similar to the virtual proceedings used in 2020 and will allow Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to receive the party’s formal nod. The DNC has not yet announced the date for the virtual roll call. told by AP News

In addition to addressing the ballot deadline, DeWine signed legislation prohibiting foreign nationals from contributing to state ballot campaigns.

This new law could impact several initiatives aiming for Ohio’s November 5 ballot. These initiatives include proposals to change Ohio’s redistricting law, raise the minimum wage to $15, grant qualified immunity for police, and protect certain voting rights.