Former Executive Alleges Trump Made Nazi Jokes to Jewish Employees

Donald Trump has claimed he’s better for Jewish Americans than Democrats, but a former senior Trump Organization executive alleges that the former president reveled in making Nazi jokes around his Jewish employees. as reported by Yahoo.

Barbara Res, former executive vice president of the Trump Organization, told MSNBC’s Ali Velshi that Trump once made an offensive joke about a German residential manager the company had hired. During a conversation with some Trump Organization executives, who happened to be Jewish, Trump reportedly said, “Watch out for this guy, he sort of remembers the ovens,” and then smiled.

“He was bragging amongst executives about how great the guy was and he was a real gentleman and so neat and clean,” Res recounted, “and then he looked at a couple of our executives who happen to be Jewish, and he said, ‘Watch out for this guy, he sort of remembers the ovens,’ and then smiled.”

The comment left the group dumbfounded. “Everybody was shocked,” Res said. “I cannot believe he said that. He was making a joke about the Nazi ovens and eating people.” told The Daily Beast.

Res, who left her role in 1998 citing mistreatment by Trump and his mistreatment of other employees, shared this incident to highlight what she described as Trump’s insensitivity and offensive behavior.

Despite these allegations, Trump has claimed that Jewish Americans who vote for Democrats hate both Israel and Judaism. He has asserted that he and the Republican Party are best positioned to end Israel’s war in Gaza.