Biden Campaign Seizes on Trump’s “Horrible City” Comment with Milwaukee Newspaper Ad Takeover

The Biden campaign is capitalizing on former President Trump’s criticism of Milwaukee by taking over the homepage of two local newspapers in the city on Friday. This move comes after Trump called Milwaukee a “horrible city” during a meeting with Republicans on Capitol Hill.

The ad will be featured in The Shepherd Express, an alternative weekly, and the Journal Sentinel. The ad showcases a split-screen image contrasting Trump’s negative remark with President Biden’s efforts to invest in Milwaukee. Trump officials have clarified that the former president was specifically referring to crime. as reported by The Hill.

Alongside the ad, the Biden campaign has launched merchandise inspired by Trump’s comment. Items include T-shirts and Wisconsin-shaped stickers that say “(Not) a horrible city,” and T-shirts and can koozies with the slogan “I heart Milwaukee” featuring a mug of beer in place of a heart.

“Donald Trump has proven he doesn’t give a damn about the city of Milwaukee, hardworking Wisconsinites, or anyone besides himself and his billionaire donors — his tax cuts for the super wealthy as president shipped good-paying Wisconsin jobs overseas,” said Biden campaign spokesperson Sarafina Chitika in a statement to The Hill. Chitika added, “If Donald thinks Milwaukee is so ‘horrible,’ he should stay home and spare Milwaukee voters more of his failed leadership, divisive rhetoric, and harmful plans to give away their jobs.” told by AOL.

On Thursday, Trump visited Washington, D.C., meeting with House Republicans, and GOP senators, and attending a Business Roundtable discussion with CEOs. His remark about Milwaukee, which will host the Republican National Convention next month, gained significant attention.

Trump’s allies have attempted to downplay the comment, emphasizing he was referring to crime issues. “Total bulls‑‑‑. He never said it like how it’s been falsely characterized. He was talking about how terrible crime and voter fraud are,” Steven Chueng, a senior Trump campaign official, posted on the social platform X. Trump later reiterated in a Fox News interview that he was talking about crime and added, “I love Milwaukee.”

Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-Wis.) defended Trump’s comments, stating, “He made it clear we had to do better in Milwaukee, as we have to do in many of the big cities in the northern United States.” Grothman, who represents parts of Milwaukee County, said there was nothing he found offensive about Trump’s remarks.