6-Week-Old Baby Dies After Family Dog Attack in Knoxville

A 6-week-old baby named Ezra died in Knoxville, Tennessee, on Thursday after being attacked by the family dog while asleep in his crib. According to NDTV

First-time parents Chloe and Mark Mansoor were devastated by the loss of their son. “Being his mom was the biggest honor and the best thing I’ve ever done,” Chloe said.

The couple, who had two dogs with no prior history of aggression, never imagined their child’s safety would be at risk. While Ezra napped in his crib, the family’s Husky, which they had owned for eight years, unexpectedly attacked the newborn.

“And to just bring awareness that it could be any dog at any time. Completely unprovoked, no matter what the history is,” Chloe emphasized.

In the wake of this tragedy, the family hopes to raise awareness about child safety around pets. Reflecting on their time with Ezra, Chloe advised, “Really don’t take anything for granted, even if it’s a moment, you’re annoyed in the moment or frustrated in. All of those little moments are still so amazing.” told by People

The family has chosen to help others through organ donation, finding some solace in the ability to save lives amidst their grief. “Pray for all the family, really. Everyone loved him so much. I know everyone’s grieving right now. We’re grieving right now, and it’s going to be a lifelong process trying to work through this,” Chloe said.

The family dog responsible for the attack was taken to a local animal center. The Knox County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident as part of their standard protocol.