Body Found in Potomac River Amid Search for Missing Swimmer

A body was discovered in the Potomac River over Memorial Day weekend as crews searched for a young man who disappeared while attempting to swim across the fast-moving waters. Reported by InsidenoVa

The incident began on Saturday when two young men entered the river in Virginia near Great Falls, aiming to swim to the Maryland side, according to a statement by Montgomery County Fire and Rescue officials. While one swimmer successfully made it across, the other vanished.

Officials conducted a thorough search by land, water, and air until Saturday evening, resuming their efforts on Sunday.

On Monday, a kayaker reported spotting a body in the water. Crews using sonar had also detected evidence of a body among rocks. Swiftwater rescue boats responded near the Old Anglers boat ramp to recover the body, which is presumed to be that of the missing swimmer, according to Piringer.

A death investigation is now underway, and the identity of the missing swimmer has not been immediately released.

Deaths in the Potomac River are not uncommon during warmer months. In September, a woman visiting with a group of college students drowned while kayaking in the Potomac, authorities reported by MSN

The National Park Service (NPS) emphasizes that swimming in the Potomac River is prohibited due to its dangerous conditions.

“The river looks calm on the surface, but invisible underwater currents and whirlpools move downward and can pull a person or pet to the bottom. The water can trap them 15 to 30 feet below or under submerged rock ledges.