Black Bear Struck and Killed in Newark Area: Delaware Officials Respond

The Delaware Natural Resources Police (DNRP), part of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC), reported that the black bear recently sighted in the Newark area was struck by a vehicle and killed late Tuesday evening, June 25. The incident occurred around 11 p.m. on Route 1 near School Bell Road in New Castle.

Delaware State Police responded to the collision, and the Delaware Department of Transportation promptly removed the bear from the roadway. DNREC wildlife biologists will conduct an examination of the bear to determine its origin, age, and sex, and gather other information that might help in tracking other transient black bears that venture into Delaware from neighboring states with resident black bear populations, According to First State Update.

“We understand the community’s interest in the bear,” said Joe Rogerson, a DNREC wildlife biologist. “It’s always unfortunate when wildlife is lost in such a manner. Our team will be examining the bear to gather information.”

Over the past several days, DNREC wildlife biologists and DNRP officers have been actively coordinating reports of black bear sightings with local authorities in the Newark area. Affectionately known as “Delabear” on social media and among local watchers, bears in Delaware have garnered significant attention and concern from the community. The expansion of black bear populations in neighboring states such as Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania has led to occasional sightings in Delaware.

The DNRP has trained officers to handle situations involving transient black bears from surrounding states. For public safety, the DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife advises residents to follow these precautions if a bear is reported in the area from CBS News.

The DNREC and the DNRP are committed to ensuring public safety and will continue to monitor and respond to any future bear sightings. For more information and updates, please visit and follow the Department at @DelawareDNREC.


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